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Do I Need to Regenerate My Business Strategy?

Self Assessment - Click on the items that pertain to your business:

Your industry is growing very slowly.
  • While still a market leader, your leadership position is eroding - you have no competitive advantage.
  • You may have excess production capacity.
Customers are not willing to pay more for your products and services.
  • You offer a lot of rich features, but are not able to command a premium price for them.
  • This is putting pressure on your operating margins.
Mass retailers are forcing you to lower your price points.
  • You have taken costs out of your products and are reaching the limits on what is possible.
  • Well known brands are coming down in the market, offering more value at similar price points to your offering.
You focus mainly on creating and selling your products rather than understanding and enhancing your customers' experiences.
  • You do not spend much time understanding how customers use your products and services.
  • You may value engineering and manufacturing disciplines more than marketing and sales.
You have grown the top line through mergers and acquisitions.
  • However, it is getting more and more expensive and difficult to continue growing this way.
You are a functional leader working in a company that has just developed a new business strategy.
  • Your priority is to realign your resources and functional activities against the new business strategy.
As the Head of Business Development you are charged with finding new growth opportunities.
  • You are looking for a systemic method for market exploration that you can teach your staff.
Investments in promising core business technology have not paid off.
  • Despite the promise, you have not been able to realize a return on these investments.
  • You have been struggling with how to create new valuable offerings that leverage these existing assets.
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