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Maximizing the Value of Business Offerings: the Buyer Experience Cycle

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may be more focused on creating new products and supporting existing products rather than on creating value for your customers. While you may have highly creative inventors on your team who develop brilliant products, they may not be considering the customerís entire experience in buying, using, and maintaining your products.

The Value Innovation Buyer Experience Cycle can help you to reduce the risks associated with innovation by looking at the six stages of the buyer's experience (from purchase, delivery, use, supplements, maintenance, through disposal).

This framework will additionally help you to identify potential adoption hurdles so that you can get the customer utility-risk equation right prior to launching new offerings.

For existing products and services that have run out of steam, the Buyer Experience Cycle can help you to pinpoint opportunities for breeding new life and value into existing offerings.

Are you ready to bring your product and service innovation efforts out of the lab and into the customer's experience? Please contact us to learn more.

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