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Understanding Customers and Non-Customers: "Day In The Life Of" Research

If you are like most business leaders, this is an activity that you may have outsourced to market research companies. Experiencing the world through the eyes of customers and non-customers is critical to generating insights that lead to effective business offerings and strategies. Rather than gathering product ideas from your customers, which is typical in many "voice of the customer" approaches, through our "day in the life of" approach we help you to delve much more deeply into understanding customers’ and non-customers’ needs, frustrations, trade-offs, and desired outcomes.

An example of a non-customer in an industrial setting might be a marketing manager or a controller, if you typically interact with the purchasing manager. In a consumer-oriented business, the non-customer could be the individual who is buying your competitors' products or someone who is not buying any products offered by the industry.

Of course there is a place for traditional quantitatively-oriented market research. However, when it comes to strategic matters, relying exclusively on traditional market research often prevents you from seeing true opportunities that go beyond incremental solutions.

Would you like to learn how to generate additional strategic insights from your data gathering efforts? Please contact us to learn more about our "day in the life of" research method.

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